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Board Members


Marianne Manheim, President

Marianne was a volunteer in Taabo from 1999 – 2002. Upon returning, she worked for five years at Peace Corps HQ and currently works at the State Department. Marianne lives in Maryland with her dog, Adelaide. She loves to bake, travel, and pound foutou.

Stephanie Wood, Vice-President

Stephanie is brand new to the board and looks forward to reconnecting with RCI after 20 (where did the time go?) years. She served in Lakota '91-'93 as a member of the first group of Urban Environmental Management Volunteers. Stephanie works with public assistance and foster care programs at the Department of Family Services in Fairfax County, VA. She spends most of her time serving as chauffeur to the joy of her life: her high school-aged daughter Nathalie.

Nathalie Gamache, Secretary

Nathalie is FOCI�s Secretary and currently works with Save the Children in Washington, DC. In Cote d�Ivoire (�99-�02), Nathalie worked with the village of Sohouo and surrounding communities on community health initiatives and small business development. She then extended as served as the PCV leader in Korhogo. Nathalie is married to Moussa Diaby, her best souvenir from Cote d�Ivoire, and they have a lively toddler.

Taylor Kay, Treasurer

Taylor ('98-00) lives in Portland, Maine with his wife Amy, three year old son Noah and a player to be named in mid-April. He ate lots of ignames in Sokorodougou in the Odienn� region while masquerading as a health education volunteer. Taylor has been minding FOCI's bills since 2004. He works as the Council on International Educational Exchange on J-1 visa exchange programs in Portland and plays ultimate frisbee.

Betty Soppelsa, Newsletter Editor

John Pielemeier, Advocacy Coordinator

John was a PCV in Katiola (1966-�68). After a career in the foreign service with USAID, he works as an independent consultant, leading design and evaluation teams, coaching new hires at USAID and designing/conducting training programs. John was contacted by Jennette Mesite to help start the new FOCI organization and served under Jeannette as FOCI's first vice-president (she did all the hard work) for several years. John's wife Nancy was a PCV in Malaysia (�67-�69), and his son Jason was PCV in Guatemala (�90-�92).

Pallavi Nuka, Webmaster

Pallavi ('98-'01) served in the town of Bangolo as an Urban Environmental Management volunteer. She worked with the Mayor's Office on health education and sanitation projects. Currently, she is a consultant with the Global Environmental Facility's Evaluation Office. She also teaches at Princeton University and The College of New Jersey. Pallavi lives in Princeton, NJ with her husband and three children.

Board Members At Large

Freddy Taly Kouihongbe

Randy Martin


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